Burning Down – it’s Pub Day for my new book (go to the pub and celebrate publication… except that I don’t drink, oh well)!

Here is the full Press Release + a nice ad for Good Reading magazine.

Let me know if you get yourself a copy of the book and like it. Please share and write a review somewhere, like Good Reads.

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Insights of An Outsider

A very thorough rundown of last Sunday’s panel from Pearlz.

Pearlz Dreaming

Venero Armanno, Melissa Lucashenko, Lauren Daniels

On April 23rd the Brisbane State Library together with  Women’s Writers Queensland hosted three deep thinking authors to examine the theme of “the Outsider.”  It was presented as a conversation between Lauren Daniels, Venero Armanno, and Melissa Lucashenko.

After an articulate introduction, quoting the story of The Epic of Gilgamesh, Lauren asked Melissa to read an excerpt from Mulimbimbyand read an extract from Veny’s latest book,  Travel Under Any Star.

Melissa after greeting us in Bundjalung language, stressed the strength of her central character, Jo in Mulimbimby, and explained the context of the passage she read.

The four questions (and I am paraphrasing here) asked by Lauren were:

1) How has your family background enriched or influenced your writing?

2) How has your journey been moving between worlds?

3) What do you think the main personality traits of a writer are?  Are they…

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Meet the Sandcliffe Festival Presenters: Veny Armanno

Pearlz Dreaming

Venero (Veny) Armanno was born in Brisbane to Sicilian migrant parents. He is the author of two books of short stories and nine critically acclaimed novels.

In the 1993 Jumping at the Moon was equal runner-up, Steele Rudd Award for Best Short Story collection. My Beautiful Friend was runner-up Aurealis Best Horror Novel, 1996. Firehead was shortlisted for the Queensland Premier’s Literary Award for Best Novel in 1999 and The Volcano won that award in 2002. The Volcano was also shortlisted for the Courier Mail Best Book of the Year. Veny’s last novel Black Mountain (2012) received wide critical acclaim.

In 2016 he published his second collection of short stories, Travel Under Any Star, and in September this year his latest book Burning Down will be released.

His novels have been published in USA, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Holland, Israel and South Korea.

Veny is also a trained screenwriter and…

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Free Library Event

Sunday 23rd April. 11am – 12 noon at Brisbane Square Library, 266 George St.  ‘Insights of an Outsider’, Authors Melissa Lucashenko and Venero Armanno in conversation with Lauren Daniels. Presented by The Lord Mayor’s Writers in Residence series and the Society of Women Writers Queensland. Bookings at library, phone:  3403 4166

Sandcliffe Writers Festival taster: Insights of an outsider

Sandcliffe Writers Festival taster: Insights of an outsider

When Sunday, 23 April 2017, 11am – 12pm
Venue Brisbane Square Library, Brisbane City
Venue address Brisbane Square Library, 266 George Street, Brisbane City
Age range Adults, Seniors
Bookings Bookings required. Phone Brisbane Square Library on 07 3403 4166 to reserve your place.
Cost Free

The Lord Mayor’s Writers in Residence series and the Society of Women Writers Queensland present this fascinating panel discussion about writing from Aboriginal and migrant perspectives in Australia. Join authors Melissa Lucashenko and Venero Armanno in conversation with Lauren Daniels for this lead-in event to the Sandcliffe Writers Festival (28-29 April), celebrating Indigenous and non-Indigenous Queensland writing.

Bookings essential.

This event is part of the Lord Mayor’s Writers in Residence Series.

Free Short Story

Here is a free short story taken from Travel Under Any Star. The Sleeping Stranger won a literary award and was included in One Book Many Brisbanes 2007 collection.

Here it is at Kill Your Darlings:


And here at The Barcelona Review:


The Zoo, 1997

Below is a cut ‘n paste of a recent post from Brentley Frazer’s blog. It’s about the good ol’ days. Mostly I wanted to put it here so I could include this lovely shot with Steve Cummings and Fiona Horne.

So this was the launch of my book Strange Rain in I think late 1997. Fiona and I had become pals and for the night she launched my book, and also wrote and performed a song she wrote called “Strange Rain”. It was a blast. She sang it with a young guy accompanying her on guitar and somewhere the video for the event still exists… must hunt it down. A year or so later Fiona sent me a properly recorded demo of the song, with full band, put together by the producer of Massive Attack’s first album. Must hunt that down too!

In those days Fiona was keen to learn all about writing and publishing. A few years later she had her first book out and since then she’s had many. One night we were sitting in Gerties Bar in New Farm having a drink and talking about these things, plus music of course, and I was telling her how much I loved Skyhooks. At that moment Shirley Strachan wandered past and smiled at us. Well, he especially smiled at Fiona, who was certainly living up to her surname. It was sort of surreal…

And, by the way, the band who also performed at the launch, whose name Brentley can’t recall, were Velour. The singer and guitarist worked for Random House, my publishers at the time. They had a fantastic sound.

Such a great night, and this pic was in Rolling Stone. Needless to say, having the brilliant Stephen Cummings there as well was out of this world…


Here is Brentley Frazer’s post:

Travel Under Any Star

Circa 1990 something a skinny young punk with fresh acne scars and waaay cool hair stood in the crowd at The Zoo in Fortitude Vally and watched witch goddess and lead singer of electro pop band Def FX launch Strange Rain by Venero Armanno. The ultimate writers name I thought when I saw the poster. At the time I worked at The Zoo running a poetry reading named The Rose Croix. The poets featured tended to celebrate decadence and debauchery in their verse. I met several reincarnations of Marquis de Sade there. The thirty litres of free Spanish wine The Zoo provided only lasted hours. A band, I cannot remember their name (no surprise, really) who dressed as fallen angels with wire wings smoked joints right there on stage. To keep the story skinny like the faded punk writing this, I  have ever since admired the writing of Venero Armanno. Now,  twenty years later I’ve had the honour to not only meet Veny but to edit, typeset and publish a collection of his fantastic short stories for my fledging indy press Bareknuckle Books. No critic can argue with good writing and this Armanno provides in this beautiful collection of stories about . . . well, outsiders and so much more. Arnold Zable, acclaimed writer, novelist and human rights advocate reviewed the manuscript for Bareknuckle Books and what he had to say (one of the best uses of an LY adverb possible) sums up the power of Venero Armanno’s work, one of the greatest ever Australian writers:

“Venero Armanno is a writer who fearlessly explores the primal urges, pressed desires, and the intense, contradictory cravings that drive human behaviour—and the betrayals, family breakdowns, violence and tragic misunderstandings they leave in their wake. While the settings, and the social and cultural references are contemporary, there are echoes of the ancient Greek melodramas in his work. Armanno’s stories probe beneath the explosive surface. and in unmasking his characters, he exposes the elemental human need for intimacy, connection, and a sense of belonging.”