Articles, Reviews and Media

A friend of mine likes to say that if you went by peoples’ Facebook posts you’d think their lives were fantastic beyond belief. I’d probably add that if you judged writers by their blogs, web sites and publishers’ PR, they (we) must all be in line for the Nobel Peace Prize. So I won’t lie… here’s a selection of only positive things about my books.

Burning Down (2017)

Travel Under Any Star (2016)

Black Mountain (2012)

There was one absolute stinker of a review – the worst I’ve ever had – that even in good humour I can’t post here… have fun finding it! But here are some good ‘uns:

The Dirty Beat (2007)

Candle Life (2006)


The Volcano (2001)

This review from Kerryn Goldsworthy for the Australian Book Review (ABR, November 2001) made the ten or so years of writing the novel pretty worthwhile…


Gabriella’s Book of Fire (2000)

For a book that did so well and still finds many new readers, Firehead – or Gabriella’s Book of Fire as it was published in the US – received pretty mixed reviews from the US press. This document combines a few into one place. I’ve included the full text of each review, so we have the good and the bad.